Mission & Initiatives

College of Engineering mission and initiatives

To educate and inspire future leaders who contribute to society through the creation, application and transfer of engineering knowledge, and through engagement in society. We do this through outstanding research, teaching and service to our profession, our state of Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.

Our Research

Through leading-edge research, innovative teaching and service to our profession and to society, we aim to educate and inspire future leaders who uncover new knowledge and develop creative, useful solutions that benefit the people of our world, both now and into the future.

In the College of Engineering, we believe that solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our day originate not only in a single discipline, but as ideas developed and refined by groups of people with diverse backgrounds and expertise. We embrace transdisciplinary research—and our efforts involve not only faculty, but also staff, postdoctoral researchers, and students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

For example, researchers in our transdisciplinary Grainger Institute for Engineering are focusing on advanced manufacturing, energy and sustainability, smart healthcare and more.

We are improving health and the quality of citizens’ lives through our research in such areas as tissue regeneration, drug delivery, medical imaging, cancer biology, stem cells, virology, cellular processes, and the human brain, among others. We are leading myriad initiatives that will help our country generate, distribute and use energy more efficiently and wisely, while reducing dependence on limited resources. We are advancing research in areas that promote sustainable consumption of natural resources, cradle-to-cradle life cycles, and man-made alternatives to scarce materials. Through research in areas that include decision-making, systems and risk, among others, we are advancing knowledge about how to design secure information networks, power systems and other critical infrastructure. And we are contributing to the safety of the traveling public and to a more efficient network of transportation modes through research that ranges in scope from individual driver behavior through regional and national freight systems.

Our Teaching

The College of Engineering offers students at all levels an unparalleled educational experience that begins in the classroom and ends … wherever our students want it to take them. They take classes in modern, technology-rich spaces that allow for innovative, student-centric approaches to education that deepen their understanding of the concepts at hand. They learn from faculty who not only are outstanding researchers but also are passionate educators—and who artfully and enthusiastically convey the fundamentals of their field, coupled with the latest advances and the context in which those things occur. And on a comprehensive university campus that features a broad menu of co-curricular activities—at the department, college and university level— our students have the ability to mold and tailor an educational experience that truly is individual and right for them.

Our Service

Known as the Wisconsin Idea, the concept that education should influence lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom has deeply influenced the culture of UW-Madison for more than a century. This legacy of service to society is particularly evident in the College of Engineering. Faculty, staff and students uphold the Wisconsin Idea every day through research and activities that benefit people across the state, nation and world.