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See this page for details about campus-wide commencement ceremonies and this page for the College of Engineering Graduate Recognition Event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students planning to graduate should follow these three steps now:

  1. Register for next semester classes.
  2. After you register, run your DARS. Near the beginning it should say “ALL REQTS COMPLETE PENDING FINAL REVIEW—IN PROG CRSES USED.”
  3. Apply to graduate in your Student Center.

Students apply to graduate in their degree-granting program (i.e. engineering). Completed additional majors and certificates will be noted on your official transcript and not on your diploma. All requirements for additional majors and certificates must be completed prior to or concurrently with your primary major degree requirements.

Run your DARS for all additional majors and certificates in the semester before you plan to graduate to ensure you are going to meet all requirements. If your DARS does not clear for your additional majors and/or certificates, talk to your advisor for that program.

Contact your advisor. A DARS might read “AT LEAST ONE REQUIREMENT HAS NOT BEEN SATISFIED” for several reasons. These may include:

  1. You have registered for less than 12 credits in your last semester. If this is true, the first section on the DARS will be deficient for “Last Semester, Full-Time in Residence.” Talk to your advisor and make sure this is the only requirement not satisfied and apply for part-time permission in your last semester.
  2. You were on co-op in your second to last semester. If this is the case, talk to your advisor.
  3. Another requirement may be missing or incomplete (see Regulation 38).


Students apply to graduate in their Student Center. This can be completed multiple semesters before you intend to graduate. You can change your intended graduation term in your Student Center as your plans change.

See Regulation 39 for criteria.

Students who are eligible for this honor during the semester they graduate will receive an email with additional details. The final top 20 percent is calculated after the final semester’s grades are posted.

Timeline for degree posting:

  • Spring graduates can expect the degree to post in mid-June to early July
  • Summer graduates can expect the degree to post in August to September
  • Fall graduates can expect the degree to post in mid- to late January

It can take a couple of months for the diploma to be sent to students. Students can request a transcript or degree verification letter once the degree is posted.

To find out if your degree is posted, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Student Center via My UW
  2. Go to “My Academics”
  3. Click on “View my degrees”

Once your degree is posted, it will show in this location. Posted degrees also appear on both an official transcript and an unofficial transcript.

Summer grads: Students should declare post-graduation plans – graduate school, full-time offers, undecided – in their MyECS account.

Starting in fall, the process will be changing. Updates will be posted in August.