Greetings to alumni and friends of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The service you provide to our current and future students is inspiring. Your continued interest in the department guides us. Your generosity supports scholarships, fellowships, and named professorships. Thank you on behalf of the entire department.

Students who graduate from our department do not end their relationship with us upon leaving our doors. You become part of a lifelong, connected community. Send us your news — or questions — anytime.

Alumni can connect us via email:
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and with each other on our alumni specific social media accounts:
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Through your gifts, we have sponsored many excellent students and faculty with scholarships, fellowships or named professorships. Just as importantly, your contributions have enabled us to nurture a spirit of lifelong community by sponsoring the formation of a graduate student lounge, BME undergraduate student events and alumni receptions around the country.

Our fund-raising priorities

  • Fostering Undergraduate Excellence, by giving students greater exposure to innovation, hands-on learning and global experience
  • Promoting Access and Affordability, through the UW-Madison and College of Engineering Great People scholarship initiative
  • Developing Cross-Cutting Research Excellence, by seeking private investments in research areas such as energy and sustainability, healthcare and manufacturing
  • Enriching the Pipeline of Future Engineers, through programs that inspire and prepare middle- and high-school students for success as engineers

Browse our directory of department fund-specific giving opportunities to focus your contribution.

Thank you for supporting the College of Engineering.

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