Welcome to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at UW-Madison. Our Department has a long tradition of excellence in research and teaching. The consistently strong emphasis on fundamentals provides our students with the solid background needed to succeed in their careers in both academic and industrial environments. As a result, many of our graduates are leaders in chemical engineering throughout the world. Undergraduate and graduate students at Wisconsin experience an environment that is characterized by a unique diversity of opportunities, ranging from cutting-edge highly impactful world-class research, to service and outreach activities and to international educational programs, both within the department and across campus — UW-Madison as a whole ranks consistently as one of the world’s leading universities and for decades our department has maintained the highest rankings in both undergraduate and graduate programs. We hope you find this web site interesting and informative. To learn more, contact us at 608-262-1092 or che@che.wisc.edu.

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The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Climate and Diversity Statement

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering recognizes the immense role that diversity and inclusion play in:

  • Creating a community where all students and employees feel valued
  • Empowering members of the Department community to participate fully in learning, teaching, mentoring, and research to advance personal and shared goals
  • Developing more effective and creative research advances and solutions

The Department is committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and collegial environment through strategies including:

  • Recruiting and retaining faculty, staff, and students from diverse backgrounds
  • Maintaining lines of communication between members of the Department community and leaders
  • Supporting opportunities for informal dialogue among the Department’s constituent groups
  • Supporting formal and informal diversity education and training initiatives
  • Facilitating access to information on University policies, resources, and grievance procedures

Summer lab is a long standing tradition in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.  We have a photo archive dating back to 1948.

Two summer lab sessions take place at the UW-Madison campus, with a few summer labs taking place internationally. One cohort travels to the Universidad de Oviedo in Asturias province in northern Spain, another to Hangzhou, China, and a final group takes the course at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong, China.