Facilities & Resources

In addition to the myriad faculty laboratories, the College of Engineering maintains several core user facilities that offer a suite of world-class specialized instrumentation and capabilities for faculty, staff, student and external partner use.

Core College of Engineering Facilities

Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology
A suite of shared instrumentation facilities providing equipment, facilities and expertise in microelectronics, nano-fabrication technology, electron microscopy, micro-analysis and soft materials characterization.

The Nanoscale Fabrication Center is a materials micro- and nano-fabrication facility with more than 70 instruments in a cleanroom space offering services for lithography, deposition, packaging, assembly, thermal processing, plasma etching, and wet chemical benches.

The Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center contains sophisticated microscopy and analysis instruments for characterizing materials and nanostructures.

The Soft Materials Characterization Lab is equipped with nearly 50 instruments for polymer synthesis and characterization of physical and mechanical properties of polymers and other materials.Photo of computer processors

Wisconsin Applied Computing Center
Offers a shared heterogeneous compute cluster with more than 1000 CPU cores, GPUs and distributed storage supporting high-performance computing in a broad array of applications.

Wisconsin Water Science and Engineering Laboratory
Offers instruments for analyzing metals, major elements, and organic chemicals.

Wisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory
Provides equipment and technical support for materials testing, structural testing and vibrations measurements.

Technical Education and Manufacturing (TEAM) Lab
Offers machine tools, training, advising and support needed to machine and manufacture projects in metal, plastic and wood.

Has 12,000 square feet of shop and flex space with a wide range of rapid prototyping equipment.

Biomedical Engineering Shared Lab
Has facilities for tissue culture, sample preparation and microscopy.

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